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I will keep only 1 email with the order on it and if you want to edit that email just hit reply and you can type new iris names or remove a name. Please do not email me seperate emails with more iris as it is impossible to keep track of them.

I will may not contact you until July or August when I get ready to start digging. Remember I am a small home gardener not a commercial supplier. I only have a few plants of each variety to sell from.

I can not control mother nature so if at the time of digging the plant looks unhealthy or small I won't sell it. I am sorry to disapoint you but I wouldn't want a poor plant.

I mail using Canada Post and charge only what they charge.

I prefer e-transfer when I dig your order and have it ready to ship. I will send you an email with the total cost. That is when you pay for your order. I will take a check if necessary.


                                 Hello!      Garden update March 27,2002

I am home and patiently waiting to get into my garden and start to see what I have for iris. There is still over a foot of snow in about 65% of the iris garden. The open spots are very muddy and on first glance looks like there is a quite a bit of rot. I have been in there with my gum boots on and cleaned up some of the plants and found a lot of new growth starting just under the soil. Only time will tell.

Last fall I left my iris alone and did not cut back the leaves, that appears to be a huge mistake. I have cleaned off so many plants and all had slimy leaves and slimy rhysomes. I fluffed up the soil to help it dry out and sprinkled with comet to help. Hopefully the sun comes out and dry's them out. When I cut them all previous years I had 0 slimy leaves to deal with.

One thing I have seen so far is a lot of my new purchases from last year are just a pile of moldy POOF dust. Over 1/2 of my US order so far is lost. The rest are still covered in snow so I can't see them yet.  Boy were there some nice ones in that order! I don't know why this happens but it sure is discouraging.They were all planted in July so they had a lot of time to root and all were growing nicely. They were all healthy rhysomes too. Just goes to show you that mother nature has her own adjenda. My biggest loss this year is my favorite seedling is lost. I hope that the rest of them are going to be ok.

For those of you that have placed orders I will get back to you on what is available. I will know when the snow has melted and the sun has had time to dry everything out and warm up the soil. Most likely not until the end of April. I will keep you posted. Website has been updated to reflect the current orders received. If you have ordered I sell by first come basis and your order is secure, IF the plants co-operate. There are already lots of sold out ones but there are a lot of really nice ones left too.

Keep your chin up, I find that the first walk thru is pretty sad but once the ground dries up and warms up mother nature smartens up and not all is lost. Happy gardening. Marianne



HOW TO ORDER:           By email only!    mp _

WISH LIST ORDERING: Email me your wish list. I will then go over it and let you know what is available. I prefer that you use your personal email  and only send one email, just keep it going if you want to add more to your list.   You can edit that email by hitting reply and then you can type or add or remove anything on it.

I usually contact you when I receive your order and when I am ready to dig the order, that will be in July or early August. I will let you know if the iris you want are still available and confirm that you are ready to receive them. Mother nature does funny things over the course of the growing season and I won't sell an iris that is unhealthy or too small. I am just a home gardener and don't have a commercial venture. I don't have enough to sell quantities off one plant. 1 or 2 orders max per plant!   I won't be contacting you until I am ready to dig, but I won't forget about your order. If you are concerned just drop me an email and I will update you as to how things are going.

WISH LIST ORDERING! If I have it you get it.  Every order goes by date. Orders start in January 2020 and it is first come first serve.  So by sending a wish list early I hope that you won't be disapointed. 

Please contact me using this email address.       mp _ unruh @

PAYMENTS: I take payment at time of shipment.

If you are coming to my garden I won't have change so bring exact change with you.  For mail orders I will take a personal check, but prefer to use E-TRANSFER if you have internet banking.  It is very easy to use and safe for both parties. Use this email when setting up the information. mp _ unruh @ (all one long word) You need a code word that goes with my email address, so you need to let me know what that is. Make it something to do with what you are buying as it is easier to remember if you want to purchase more next year.

WHAT YOU GET:                                             (WHAT YOU DON'T GET ARE FLOWER STALKS.)

I sell one dry root rhyzome for the price listed. It is a live plant and in a semi dormant stage when dug. If planted right away it may bloom for you next spring. The name of the iris will be written on the back of the leaf so you know what you have. I am generous with gift irises and try to choose the gift irises based upon the theme of your order. 


I like to ship late July early August. I like to send them on a Monday, and I will contact you to let you know when they are coming. A Canada Post  tracking number will be sent as well. Our mail leaves the Falkland Post Office after 6 pm at night so the tracking number should be operational the next day if I get them into the box after 5pm.

                      RAINBOW SPECIAL  10 + IRIS FOR  $55.00.   Includes shipping  

                       TALL BEARDED OR DWARF VARIETIES

                         ALL DIFFERENT COLORS MY CHOICE

                           MIX OR MATCH

Canada Post has prepaid boxes!!!! This is by far the cheapest way to go if you live in another province or on Vancouver Island! It is a faster service as well ensuring you get your iris in a timely fashion.

SMALL SIZE IS $23.00     10 - 15 TB iris  approx

MEDIUM SIZE IS $25.00   20 - 25 TB iris  approx

LARGE SIZE IS $32.00     30 plus TB iris

Smaller orders 1 - 9 iris must be packaged and weighed by Canada Post to calculate shipping before payment. 

                                 mp (underscore)


Brouse my large collection of Tall Bearded and dwarf varieties of Iris from Iris Obsession in Falkland, BC.

Check out my albums. All are alphabetical so start with the A's and enjoy the show.

This site is a work in progress and it is contunually being up-dated with my own photo's as they bloom.

I specialize in Tall Bearded Iris and have over 500 plus different colors. I am also starting to increase the standard dwarf bearded little ones.

Iris is a spring blooming plant but it's foliage can lend a unique look during the growing season.

Iris like a dry and well drained soil so they do well in the back or corners.  Iris are addictive so beware! 

No matter whether it is a small order of 5 or a large order, my selection will enhance the look and enjoyment of your

property.  Iris needs the time to grow before they can be divided up so best planting time is July/ August. I am flexible and willing

to dig at your schedule, so if you have a need let me know and I will do my best to have it to you at your time frame.

I sell bare root rysome and you can either pick up your order or I ship by Canada Post.

I am NOT a large grower with a large selection of the same variety so because of that

 I can only sell what they produce each year. The more popular ones I try and have more than one plant

but mother nature has the final say.

mp underscore unruh at hotmail dot com to order and put IRIS ORDER in the subject line.

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