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Amoena - White standards and colored falls.
Bicolor - different colored standards and falls.
Bitone - standards and falls that are two shades of the same color.
Plicata - marked with stitching, stipples, dots or sanded patterns.
Self - standards and falls are the same color.
HC - Highly Commended
HM - Honorable Mention
AM - Award of Merit
Wister Medal - Highest award in the tall bearded class.  These iris must previously been awarded the Honorable Mention and the Award of Merit, which is a prerequisite for the Dykes Medal.
Dykes Medal - Biggest and best, is awarded to only one iris per year.
MDB - Miniature dwarf bearded iris have spikes which range in height of up to 8" tall.
SDB - Standards dwarf bearded iris range in height from 8 - 16" tall.
IB - Intermediate bearded iris range in height from 16 - 27 1/2" tall.
MTB - Miniature tall bearded iris range in height 16 - 27 1/2" tall.